Fun Online Activities To Experience While Stuck At Home

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The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a global crisis, which created various negative effects for people all over the world. Besides shaking the healthcare systems and hitting global economies, the pandemic also has a vast majority of the people around the globe stuck at home these days.

We don’t know what to expect next, what tomorrow will bring and our daily lives are now governed by two essential feelings of fear and uncertainty.

If there’s something that we still own these days, it’s time. We can’t complain about not having the time. So, while we’re at home waiting for things to get back to normal so that we can pick life from where we left off, we should try and make the most of this spare time that we have in our hands.

These days, everyone’s going digital, people are working from home, watching all kinds of Netflix series, and hanging out with their friends via online conferences. The world is now digitalizing at a very rapid pace.

Check out the most entertaining online activities that you can do at home to make these strange days pass easier.

Take a virtual class

As you probably know by now, gatherings are off the menu, but thanks to the power of the Internet, you can start a virtual class online. Check out the ones from your area of interest and start something new that will enrich your experience while stuck at home.

Check out Netflix’s quarantine-friendly feature, Netflix Party and binge-watch Tiger King

Put away your COVID-19 fears and lose yourself in the big cat drama in the US. You’ll see that there’s no more appropriate quarantine thing to watch than the latest docuseries called “Tiger Cat: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness.”

This is a really interesting documentary that shows the escalating conflicts between big cat breeders who own private zoos and animal rights activists.

Also, remember that Netflix Party is a really popular new feature from the streaming services and allows its users to download a Google Chrome Extension that allows group-watching. You can finally “go to the movies” with your friends again and share your thoughts in the virtual chat.

Play games and have more online fun

Of course, game enthusiasts finally get a chance to play all their favorite games and maybe also stream their experiences on Twitch, so that everyone can watch and be amazed by their skills. Sports enthusiasts can bury their sadness triggered by the delay of the Olympics for 2021 and check out something new to kill some time. For instance, basketball fans can give basketball bets a try and check out The website allows you to bet on basketball from the comfort of your home, and you’ll get the chance to research all your options beforehand, and then place your bet. You’ll enjoy the same basketball betting odds without even having to leave the house.

Online betting for sports enthusiasts has a massive advantage these days during quarantine because while you’re stuck at home, you will be able to still remain 100 percent involved in the same, and you’ll also get the unique chance of experiencing a reward.

The same goes for football lovers, tennis enthusiasts and more. Just pick your favorite game and hop online to have some fun. Using online tools like those at can help you improve your odds as well.

Binge-watch your favorite movie series

And last but definitely not least, we’re pretty sure that you could never find the time to binge-watch the Batman movies or the Lord of the Ring series. Not to mention Harry Potter. Now is the moment to do this because, as we said at the beginning of the article, all you have now is time. And you should try to make the most of it because one day, all this will pass and life will definitely get back to normal. Then you’ll have some pretty exciting stories to tell your grandkids!

So, make sure to stay safe, but have some fun as well.

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