The US Army Blames Russia For Threatening US Pilots In Anti-Satellite Missile Test

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The United States officials are accusing Russia’s fighter jet of the mistreatment that they provided to the US Navy surveillance crew, as CNN reported. The plane and the employees were endangered while the Russian aircraft was performing tests with the unsafe territory. On the 15th of Wednesday, Moscow performed a series of tests on an anti-satellite missile.

The United States Military’s Space Command has reported a Russian Su-35 jet flying at high speed only 25 meters away from the American mission aircraft. This proximity was hazardous and endangered the American crew, as reported by the US Navy Sixth Fleet.

The intercept was about 42 minutes since the P-8A crew managed to report the wake turbulence that occurred before the interaction. The event was characterized as being extremely irresponsible, given the fact that this is not the first time that Russia is producing unsafe conditions to the US crew over the Mediterranean Sea.

Tensions Are Growing Between the US Army and Russia

Back in June, a similar incident occurred and a Russian fighter jet was spotted trying to intercept with the American P-8 several times. The commander of the Space Command, Gen. John W. Raymond, has declared that these occurrences are even more alarming since they confirm Russia’s threats against the United States are real and severe.

He stated that the Russian attack was meant to diminish the USA’s counter space weapons programs. The apparition of Russian and Chinese anti-satellite weapon determine the United States of America to build a military branch whose primary objective is to protect the outer space. This plan is currently under research, but the officials are aware of its necessity. The importance of the US satellites is tremendous.

The US Army provided crucial information regarding the North Korea’s nuclear weapons, as well as Russian and Chinese military activity. The growing concern that Beijing and Moscow are building their ability to target the American satellites is growing.

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