Best Practices To Slow Down Aging

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There is no miraculous way to stop us from getting old. Aging is nature’s way to keep moving forward. We are needed only for a while. We have to make room for the wave after wave coming generation. As individuals facing the aging process, this isn’t an encouraging perspective and we feel the need to find ways to at least slow down this process. And we are right. The average dying age has increased tremendously over the past centuries.

This amazing achievement had a lot to do with the evolution of medicine, technology, and lifestyle changes. We have no control over medicine and technology, we can only hope scientist do their job. But do we do ours? What do we do to get the best of this life and not let old age become a burden?

Do we exercise enough? Both physically and mentally? Do we sweat every day to keep our heart and muscle tone balanced? Do we read enough? Do we laugh enough? Do we take care of our hygiene and natural beauty? Do we eat healthily?

How to slow down the aging process

The most surprising thing of all is that by doing all those things, facing the aging process stops being such a drama. We have the endorsement of the thought saying we did everything we could and that empowers us with dignity. This is the best we can do for ourselves: get old worthily.

While we ruminate on this, we can get the help of three foods that were proven to endorse longevity. They are plant-based diet foods, as you can imagine. They won’t make you younger, they won’t stop you from getting old, but they will keep you safe from a lot of complications that make old age harsh.

Avocados, walnuts, and berries protect you from developing high cholesterol, heart disease, oxidative stress, neurodegenerative conditions, blood pressure and blood clotting, and inflammation. So, maybe try and replace the chips and sweets with healthy alternatives. Maybe aging won’t feel like such a menace anymore.

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