Climate Change Risks Might Have Been Misinterpreted, Scientists Are Claiming

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Even though climate change is an alarming factor threatening the well-being of our planet, scientists have discovered that a series of climate risk warnings have been too pessimistic about being true.

The overwhelming consequences of the climate models are caused by human industrial activity that results in an impressive number of carbon dioxide emissions. However, it seems that the numbers have been too sensitive, as per research conducted by a team from the University of Michigan.

The study is showing that the CO2 emissions reported in the climate model CESM2 are unrealistically high. The results of this analysis were made public on the 30th of April this year, stating that the criteria of this research are not supported by realistic geological evidence. In fact, the geological evidence provided is part of a global warming period that occurred 50 million years ago.

New models show that the risks of climate change have been misinterpreted

Professor Chris Poulsed has declared that the latest climate models are too sensitive to the carbon dioxide measurements, creating confusion and reporting too much warming. The Professor and his team of researchers decided to compare these findings with the results from a CESM2 model dating back from 50 million years ago, a period called Early Eocene.

According to earlier evidence, the tropical regions of the New World faced temperatures higher than 55C. in reality, according to the fossils that were found in the area, the temperatures were above 40C.

Therefore, the scientists are suggesting that the model predicts temperatures that are higher with more than 5.3C than the reality. Up until now, other climate models predicted that the increase in the temperatures would be between 1.5C and 4.5C, while others are suggesting that the rise will be more than 4.5C.

After the Paris agreement on tackling climate change was signed back in 2016, when the signatory countries agreed to diminish their industrial activity and the impact on the environment, the global warming is still below 2C.

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