Was a UFO Discovered in Romania?

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Google Street View has been used as a tool by users to see some of the best landmarks in the world. Some of the landmarks visible with Google Maps include The Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower. During one of the explorations performed by users on the application, a peculiar landmark has been identified somewhere in Romania.

UFO-spotters have identified something which they claim to be an unidentified flying object hidden in a forest just outside Timisoara, a city located in Western Romania. Some of them claim that this is a sure sign of extraterrestrial activity.

Upon initial inspection, the object is located in a barren area in the middle of a forest and is surrounded by trees all over. The alleged UFO is white and is shaped similar to a spaceship, with some small holes lying around its edge. The circular disks are the reason why people claim that the object identified near Timisoara is a UFO.

Another suspicious detail about the object resembling a spaceship is its location. The fact that the object is surrounded by trees and completely devoid of human life seems to indicate that it is in the perfect location for a UFO based on Earth.

Once people have looked closer at the images available on Google Street View, it has been suggested that the object is not a UFO, but rather a water tower. This conventional affirmation did nothing to stop users from coming up with their own creative ideas regarding what this object actually is.

A user on Google went as far as saying that he actually went to the place, and it is real. Another one contradicted the first, saying that it is nothing more than a water filtering facility built in the architectural style pf Wiener Secession. Nevertheless, the image still went viral.

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