Eau de Space: the Perfume to Kill the Atmosphere

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Who has never wondered how does the space smell like? You can admit it and do not be shy because we have all done it. Your deepest desire might come true in the end. According to recent leaks, NASA has declared that their developing team might reveal a perfume that smells like space sooner than ever. The scent will be entitled Eau de Space, and its name has been specially chosen by the chemist team working for NASA. What is even more intriguing is that the fragrance is going to be available to the broad public.

Back in 2008, chemist Steve Pearce was working to develop a perfume that would imitate the smell of the outer atmosphere. You might wonder why he would do such a thing? Well, the answer is straightforward: the fragrance was developed in order to help astronauts get acquainted with the space smells before even going into a mission.

Recently, the chemist team has decided to make the flagrance available to anyone, and they launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the perfume to any citizen. The Kickstarter page has declared that the company’s primary objective is to sell the fragrance to individual companies, as well as selling the recipe to manufacturers, which would automatically increase the STEM learning for K-12 students.

Do we have any idea of how will Eau de Space smells? Well, since many astronauts have declared that the outer space feels like a blend of seared steak, rum, gunpowder, and raspberries, this is the closest information we can get, before the perfume will be available to the public. In addition to this, the price of one bottle starts from 15$, which does not seem that much, especially when we are talking about such a unique product. The product is scheduled to be released in October this year.

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