Three Methods To Get Rid Of Seasonal Depression!

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Some people call it the “winter blues,” but that unpleasant feeling that some of us get during months with shorter periods of daylight can produce what specialists call Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Still, a D.C. counselor has the advice we need to put an end to the SAD.


Psychotherapist William McVey said that the seasonal depression might lighten up a little as we progress into spring and summer.

Studies say that about 10 to 20% of those diagnosed with depression will also experience SAD that that’s usually diagnosed after somebody experiences increased symptoms during fall and winter for two consecutive years.

SAD symptoms include feeling withdrawn, unmotivated, unengaged, sleeping more than regularly, sadness, hopelessness, and even experiencing shifts in weight.

There are three simple things you can do to say goodbye to that!

  1. Staying active and exercising – “If you can get 30 minutes of cardio around five times a week, that can be more effective than any kind of antidepressant.”
  2. Having a regular intake of Vitamin D, which is produced in the human skin in response to sunlight -” Trying to do that before you feel the onset is much more useful than doing it to try to solve the issue once you’re deep into it.”
  3. Phototherapy

Phototherapy implies getting exposed to bright full-spectrum 10,000 Lux light for up to an hour. It is a fluorescent light you can purchase, and it costs about a hundred dollars.

The 10,000 Lux models simulate sunlight, but UVA rays are filtered out, according to McVey.

However, try to avoid overexposing yourself to the light, as in high dosage, it can do more harm than it does good.

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