China Plans to Land Humans on The Moon and a Robot on Mars

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China joins forces with other countries regarding the exploration of both the Moon and Mars. Scientists had been keeping an eye on the two cosmic objects for many years, and it’s no wonder why: landing humans on the Moon again soon is a priority, while going to Mars and making the first steps for building a colony there is at least as important.

China landed its third probe on the Moon several days ago, and it’s called Chang’e-5. According to, the event is part of an ambitious space program that also involves sending a robot to Mars. But that’s not all, as a reusable space plane is under development and with the aim of sending humans back on the Moon’s surface.

The probe will be gathering two kilograms of samples

The Chang’e-5 probe will need to collect samples from the Moon. The final goal is to help scientific studies regarding both the formation and evolution of our natural satellite.

Dr Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s top science official, also admits the importance of China’s mission, as BBC cites him:

When the samples collected on the Moon are returned to Earth, we hope everyone will benefit from being able to study this precious cargo that could advance the international science community.

The Chang’e 5 probe also represents the first effort to bring rocks from the Moon to Earth since the 1970s. The probe landed on the Sea of Storms from the Moon’s near side.

Hua Chunying, who is a foreign ministry spokeswoman, declared about the landing:

a historic step in China’s cooperation with the international community in the peaceful use of outer space,

She also added:

China will continue to promote international cooperation and the exploration and use of outer space in the spirit of working for the benefit of all mankind

China made the first important step, and the rest is yet to come. Humanity is destined to conquer the Solar System.

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