Great Contributions that Anavar will make to your life

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Anavar is the brand name used to market Oxandrolone, an androgenic anabolic steroid. The compound was first developed in 1962 and its trade name was then Anavar. The manufacturer of Anavar was the pharmaceutical company G.D. Searle & Co, a company that developed the drug primarily to treat different varieties of diseases.

The drug sold quickly until 1989, when its production was reduced to a minimum, after the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) put enormous pressure on the drug company, citing the effects of Anavar on anabolic steroids. for the consumers. The steroid completely disappeared from the market after the FDA insisted that it should not be developed further, putting an end to the Anavar steroid, once popular with patients seeking a cure.

It took until 1995 for another company to replace G.D. Searle & Co. and began to reproduce the drug. Savient Company operated the original Oxandrolone formula but renamed it Oxandrin. The company has seen massive sales of the famous steroid. But at that time, it maintained a market monopoly and sold its flagship product at a very high price.

Therefore, Savient maintained the monopoly until another actor came to the rescue of the bodybuilders and produced Anavar at a relatively lower price. You can find anavar for sale on the following source.

Know about Anavar in other areas

Oxandrolone in the treatment of HIV / AIDS

It should be noted that after the discovery of AIDS in the 1980s, researchers had difficulty understanding the cause of the disease. They considered HIV / AIDS to be an autoimmune disease, and as there was no cure at the time, they were left with only one option to treat the symptoms of the disease. Anavar was one of the anabolic steroids used to help patients regain muscle mass and weight.

Oxandrolone is the treatment of burns

Anavar in its original formula has also helped relieve burn victims. In a study done in the 1990s, patients with more than 40% of burns treated with Anavar healed quickly and regained muscle mass when they left the hospital quickly. The drug did not cause any major side effects, leading researchers to consider it safe when used correctly and in a controlled environment.

Among its side effects, Oxandrolone can cause bone disorders in children, especially the youngest. It may be necessary to monitor bone development with X-rays every 6 months during treatment.

Anavar, a legal and reliable alternative

A few minutes of searching on Google is enough for you to realize that Anavar, the original formula of Oxandrolone, can be found in many different places. It is safe and, above all, legal that it has the same positive effects that you are looking for and have imagined in these products. Here we remind you of the benefits that Anavar can give you:

  •         Maintain lean muscle mass;
  •         Stimulate the synthesis of phosphocreatine;
  •         Increase the body’s energy and stamina;
  •         Reduces the risk of water retention;
  •         Eliminate body fat.

According to the many opinions and comments of customers who have bought Anavar, to maximize the results of the treatment, it is essential to follow a healthy and balanced diet, as well as regular physical activity.

Why is Anavar (Oxandrolone) so widely used? Because it is the anabolic steroid that quickly approximates the physical goal of most users, which is a good quality muscle gain and massive loss of body fat, providing a lean, defined, and very athletic body.

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