People With Facial Fillers Will Experience Side Effects after COVID-19 Vaccination

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Although many people had been eager to get their hands on the COVID-19 vaccine, others could be facing very unpleasant side effects after getting injected. We already knew that the drug is not recommended for those who have had a severe allergic reaction to any ingredients of the vaccine. writes that three participants in a clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Moderna had to deal with lip or facial swelling due to dermal fillers. The US Food and Drug Administration reports that Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine could trigger side effects for those who have facial fillers.

Facial swelling occurred during Phase 3 of the trial

Two people had to suffer swelling of the face after getting vaccinated during Moderna’s phase 3 trial. One of them is a 46-year-old woman who had dermal fillers that were injected six months before the vaccination. The other person is a 51-year old woman who had endured the same procedure two weeks before being injected with the vaccine. Another person who was part of the Moderna’s clinical trial had to deal with lip angioedema two days after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine shot. The person had also received dermal filler injections in the lips before the vaccination.

But board-certified dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, brings us some good news, as she declared for the following:

This is a very rare side effect, and it’s very treatable with antihistamines and prednisone (a type of steroid).

Purvi Parikh, MD, who’s also an allergist and immunologist at NYU Langone Health, reveals that the exact mechanism causing the unpleasant response is unknown, but doctors suspect that it’s an inflammatory reaction.

Dr. Parikh explained for

A filler is a foreign body and when your immune system is switching on due to the vaccine it would make sense that areas that have foreign bodies that aren’t normally in your body would also have inflammation—this is because your immune system is designed to counteract any foreign substance.

About 2.8 million people living in the US have already been vaccinated for COVID-19.


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