The US is Devastated By The Pandemic, But When Can it Return to Normal? Dr. Fauci Has an Answer

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If many of us were looking at the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic with scepticism at first, each of us have heard until now about at least a person infected with the coronavirus. Whether you’re living in the US, Europe, Asia, or Africa, the COVID-19 pandemic has surely infected some of your neighbours, relatives, or friends.

The US faces perhaps the biggest tragedy in history, as the country counts a total of 20.6 million infections and over 356,000 deaths. A record of deaths was reported for December 29, when the US had over 3,700 people who died because of the coronavirus. But as they’re plenty of vaccines approved for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the question that pops into any American’s head is the following: when will life return to normal in the US?

Dr. Fauci says that everything should be back to normal in the US by fall

CNN brings us the great news that if the states are diligent enough with the vaccinate rollout in 2021, things will return to normal in the US by early fall.

Fauci declared during a Facebook interview, as cited by BBC:

Let’s say in April, it will be what I call open season, namely, anybody who wants to get vaccinated can get vaccinated,

If we then diligently vaccinate people in April, May, June, July, then we will gradually and noticeably get a degree of protection approaching herd immunity.

Fauci also says that for diminishing the spread of the coronavirus, it’s needed that about 70% to 85% of the population to take the vaccine. Thus, herd immunity shall kick in, meaning that enough people will have the necessary antibodies.

We all miss those times when facemasks weren’t mandatory, large gatherings of people were considered something normal, and you could firmly shake someone’s hand and hug the person without being afraid. Those times will come back sooner or later!

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