3,000 Days Spent on Mars By NASA’s Curiosity Rover

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Scientists need to collect as much data about Mars as possible, as the planet could become our new home one day. Since August 6, 2012, when the Curiosity rover landed on our neighboring planet, it spent more than 3,000 days of exploration there.

Fox News brings the news of Curiosity’s impressive milestone, and it wasn’t for nothing at all. NASA’s rover made a number of important discoveries while exploring the Martian field.

Detecting an incredibly high level of methane on the Red Planet

The high level of methane found on Mars is one of the most important discoveries of the Curiosity rover.

Ashwin Vasavada, who is Curiosity’s project scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, declared:

The methane mystery continues,

We’re more motivated than ever to keep measuring and put our brains together to figure out how methane behaves in the Martian atmosphere.

In 2018, NASA reported that the Curiosity rover found organic molecules on Mars. This discovery was groundbreaking, and it motivated astronomers even more to look for signs of life on the Red Planet.

Chris Carberry, who is executive director of Explore Mars, declared:

NASA and other nations will be staging robotic missions over the next few years looking for evidence of past and present life, but these efforts should be increased so that we can confirm whether life exists on other planets, but also so that we can prepare before we send humans to the surface of Mars.

The upcoming Artemis mission is expected to be the slingshot for humanity’s arrival on Mars. As the Moon will be the first destination, doing everything as planned means that the Red Planet will be the next target for a first visit. Although building a colony on Mars can be feasible only for the far future, making the first step of landing there and staying for a short period is practically mandatory.


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