This Teacher From the USA Drove 100 Miles for a COVID-19 Vaccine

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The COVID-19 vaccination is seen by experts as the best chance humanity has to stop the ongoing pandemic. The USA is devastated by the coronavirus, as the country reported a total of over 27 million infections and more than 466,000 deaths.

But even for the world’s most affected country by COVID-19, there are people who need to travel incredibly huge distances to receive a vaccine. writes about such a case of a teacher from Nashville (Tennessee).

Kathleen Lourence, who’s a teacher at Rosebank Elementary in East Nashville, is disappointed that teachers need to wait to get COVID-19 vaccines in Davidson County:

This is not okay that we’re having to do this. We should have been better prepared as a state, as a city.

The teacher found the nearest county that offers vaccines to educators, she called another teacher friend and booked their appointments in White County. Lourence also declared:

Teachers should be vaccinated,

I think that the state really does need to get their allotments straight. It’s really curious to me how Davidson and Shelby counties, the largest urban districts, don’t have enough doses for teachers.

Otherwise, the COVID-19 vaccination in the US isn’t rolling out quite bad if we look at the full picture. 36.7 million shots have already been administered in the US, according to Bloomberg. This means that for the US, 11.2 doses were administered for every 100 people. Furthermore, the same source claims that over 119 million vaccine doses were administered across 67 countries. Each person needs two shots of the same COVID-19 vaccine in order to reach full effectiveness.

The ongoing pandemic continues to infect hundreds of thousands of people in the US and kill thousands every day, according to data from


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