Pieces of the Moon and Mars are Available to Purchase

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People usually buy all sorts of weird stuff, so why wouldn’t they focus their attention on literally out-of-this-world ideas? That matches what Christie’s auction house is offering, according to CBS News.

If you ever thought about buying meteorite chunks from Mars, the Moon, and beyond, it’s not necessary to become an astronaut for doing so. The afore-mentioned auction house will make your dream come true.

Price: $250 apiece for some samples

Seventy-two meteorites are available for auctioning, meaning debris from space objects like asteroids and comets that land on the Earth’s surface. The meteorites have been gathered from various parts of the world, such as Chile, Russia, and the Sahara Desert. The auction house wrote:

The weight of every known meteorite is less than the world’s annual output of gold, and this sale offers spectacular examples for every collector, available at estimates ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

James Hyslop, who is head of science and natural history for Christie’s, declared:

Everyone has an image in mind of how a meteorite ‘should look’ – an extraterrestrial body frictionally heated while punching through Earth’s atmosphere,

Rarely do the objects survive this fiery descent look like that shared ideal seen in this meteorite. It is a wonder to behold and an honor to have been entrusted with its sale.

We must be aware of the “Deep Impact: Martian, Lunar and Other Rare Meteorites” auction that runs until February 23, while those from New York who are interested can also see the meteorites in person after making an appointment.

Oddly enough, having a meteorite stored in your house brings the depths of the Solar System closer to you. We cannot be otherwise than super excited about such an opportunity.


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