Imposing Fireball Lights Up the Skies of UK

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The Universe has a habit of amazing us almost every month, although not necessarily in a friendly way. Sometimes it brings us joy, and in other situations, it reminds us how fragile we truly are. The same goes for a recent fireball that illuminated the skies of the UK recently – it made some people excited, while it made others tremble in fear.

The Guardian brings the news of the imposing fireball that left many British people speechless on Sunday night. Those lucky or unlucky enough to spot the majestic cosmic phenomenon were those who were looking at the skies only several seconds before 10 pm. Behold the relevant footage:

What’s surely lucky is that we have no information claiming that the supposed meteor has fallen and caused any damage. According to the American Meteor Society, fireballs are generally a magnitude of -4, meaning as bright on the sky as Venus. Our neighboring planet is the brightest object from the night sky after the Moon. Obviously, Venus will be dominating the sky without hesitation when our natural satellite is not around.

120 people reported the fireball

According to, 120 people from the UK reported the beautiful phenomenon flashing upon their heads.

One Twitter user said:

Anyone else see the #meteor burn up over the UK just before 10 pm tonight? I first thought it was a bright star or plane, then it got bigger & faster, then a huge flash lit up the sky & it burst into a massive tail of orange sparks trailing behind like a giant firework! So cool!

Some people even reported a deafening noise coming from the sky, adding even more drama to the news.

We’ll hopefully find out more about the fireball soon, but we can realistically hope that there wasn’t any damage produced.


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