COVID-19: The More Transmissible Delta Variant Arrives in Arizona

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Just when a lot of experts across the world were preparing for the end of the ongoing pandemic, the coronavirus shows us once again that it goes through new dangerous transformations. The daily number of COVID infections and deaths from the US have decreased tremendously, but another threat related to the virus is coming into the country.

According to, PHOENIX — TGEN reports that the COVID variant B.1.617.2 (aka the Delta variant) that originated in India has arrived in Arizona.

The Delta variant dominated the UK

According to the BBC, the Delta COVID variant is now dominating the UK, as it makes up over 90% of the coronavirus cases from the European country. The UK was preparing for the end of the pandemic when COVID came back with a new variant to spread fear and illness. If we take a look at data from, we find that the UK reports a growing number of daily infections compared to until about two weeks ago.

A daily dashboard reports the share of COVID-19 variants from their genome sequencing by month, and for May 2021, the Delta variant made up 1.56% of the genomes sequenced.

If we look at the overall pandemic numbers from the UK, the country reported over 4.5 million infections and a death toll that exceeds 127,000 people.

The worldwide situation is not necessarily looking any better. The COVID pandemic has caused over 176 million infections and more than 3.8 million deaths. The US remains the hardest-hit country with over 34.3 million infections and more than 614,000 deaths. The second-most affected country by the pandemic is India, as it counts more than 29.3 million infections and over 367,000 deaths.

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