Sugary Drinks Could Increase the Risk of Developing Colon Cancer

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Yes, sugar’s nice and tasty, but not everything that makes us feel better has to also be necessarily beneficial for our health. A new study confirms it, and it raises the awareness for sugary drinks that teenagers often consume.

Fox News brings the information of a new study that analyzed data from over 116,500 female nurses between 1991 and 2015. The conclusion is very concerning: by comparison with women who consumed less than one 8-ounce servings a week of drinks sweetened by sugar, those who consumed two or more each day were at a twice higher risk for developing early-onset colorectal cancer.

Be careful with your lifestyle!

If you want to be at a lower risk of developing colorectal cancer, you must be careful with some lifestyle factors. According to the American Cancer Society, those factors are obesity, alcohol use, smoking, not being active, and even diets that are high in red or processed meats.

Yin Cao, ScD, who is senior study author and an associate professor of surgery and of medicine in the Division of Public Health Sciences at Washington University, declared as cited by Fox News:

Colorectal cancer in younger adults remains relatively rare, but the fact that the rates have been increasing over the past three decades – and we don’t understand why – is a major public health concern and a priority in cancer prevention,
Due to the increase in colorectal cancer at younger ages, the average age of colorectal cancer diagnosis has gown down from 72 to 66 years. These cancers are more advanced at diagnosis and have different characteristics compared with cancers from older populations.

Symptoms of colon cancer include diarrhoea, constipation, or a change in the stool’s consistency. Blood in the stool, rectal bleeding, or persistent abdominal discomfort are also strong signs that you may be dealing with colon cancer.

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