Are Men Successful Due to High Testosterone?

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Did you know that testosterone can have an impact on how you end up in life? Numerous studies have shown that higher testosterone is linked to success. But is it really that important?

In these studies, males with higher testosterone had more subordinates. Financial traders had greater daily profits. Testosterone has also been found in highly educated men and in self-employed men – this is a link with entrepreneurship.

The influence of testosterone is thought to be beneficial because it is affecting behaviour. It can make a person more aggressive and more tolerant of risks. This can be beneficial on the market, especially when it comes to wage negotiations.

But these studies do not show that testosterone actually influences the outcome. It could actually be the more advantaged socio-economic position that raises your testosterone. But there sure is a link between testosterone and income, social class, or education.

Stress can lower testosterone. And how a person sees their status in comparison to society might also influence their testosterone. Usually, testosterone rises in winners. But what about third factors? High testosterone in men can also be linked to good health. And good health surely helps with succeeding in your career.

It isn’t easy to see which influences which. But the DNA does not generally change during your lifetime – unless you’re fighting a disease – so we can observe an association between a socioeconomic position with the genetic variants of testosterone. It does suggest that testosterone is the one causing all of the differences when it comes to socio-economic outcomes.

Other studies found no link between the two. More recent studies show that testosterone is less important for success.

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