What Is The Connection Between The Economy and the Delta Variant?

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The pandemic had an undeniable effect on everyone’s lives all over the world. Beyond the health impact, the economy of every country took a hit. At the moment, the United States is ravaged by the Delta variant, and the outbreaks affect the economic activity as well. However, as things start to improve, there is hope for a recovery.

“The percent increases in cases and hospitalizations are declining each week, indicating progression towards a nationwide peak. While a few days later than predicted, the Southern states that were initially hardest hit by the delta variant appear to be peaking or have peaked,” noted health policy research analyst Chris Meekins.

Since last week, however, new cases of the Delta variant of Coronavirus seem to have been leveling off after increasing sharply during in June. The number of new cases seems to have passed its peak, and hopefully, it may soon begin declining. The good news appeared to have a positive impact on the economy as well.

According to the analysis of state recreation numbers, the trend is that recreation numbers are increasing, although they are not back yet at their expected levels. Workplace mobility is still below its pre-pandemic level. People are also spending less time in transit stations than they were before the pandemic. On the other hand, the Jefferies tracker registered almost normal data for retail web and foot traffic. Based on this data, flights are the ones most affected.

As for the long-term impact of the Delta variant, Jefferies chief financial economist Aneta Markowska explained that “It’s really just causing a loss of momentum rather than pronounced economic weakness, and there is a good chance that it will be pretty short-lived.” As the number of new Delta cases appears to stagnate, there is the hope of economic recovery.

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