Mind-Blowing Theory: Gamma-Rays Could Have Their Origin in Some Black Holes

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Gamma rays are those highly energetic phenomenons in the Cosmos that leave astronomers speechless. Although they are highly noticeable if scientists are equipped with the right tools, gamma rays appear from apparently nowhere.

ScienceAlert.com speaks about a new study that brings an outstanding theory: scientists led by Shigeo Kimura of Tohoku University from Japan claim that dormant black holes might be the origin of some of the gamma rays.

“Soft” gamma rays can be explained

Scientists are optimistic that the new theory can explain at least the existence of those “soft” gamma rays from the Universe.

For neutrinos to obtain high levels of energy, the photons and particles from them need a cosmic accelerator such as supernova remnants or a black hole that’s “busy chowing down” on any surrounding matter. However, the source of gamma-ray excess from lower “soft” energies remains unexplainable, and here’s when the new theory comes into the cosmic scene. The excess supposedly has its roots in supermassive black holes that are dormant.

Black holes are one of the biggest cosmic mysteries out there. They are of various types, and supermassive black holes might be the most mysterious by far. These dark objects not only have a super destructive force – they absorb pretty much anything that comes nearby. But their preposterous gravity even has the power to shape an entire galaxy. Supermassive black holes are thought to exist at the core of each galaxy from the Cosmos. Our Milky Way galaxy surely has one – it’s called Sagittarius A*. Therefore, galaxies would probably not have existed, at least not in their current form, without the supermassive black holes from their kernels.

The new research was published in Nature Communications.

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