You Should Avoid a Certain Ingredient While Cooking, the CDC Says

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Do you like to cook? If your answer is “yes”, we completely understand! Cooking is relaxing, efficient, cheap, and it even grants you the opportunity to reflect on the immortality of the soul and afterlife.

According to, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) raises the alarm about a certain ingredient that was linked with heavy metal poisoning.

Use “luster dust” only if it’s marked as “edible”

Luster dust is used more for adding an extra sparkle to baked goods. However, a lot of people prefer them on their foods. The CDC warns to consume such ingredients only if they’re marked as safe for consumption. Otherwise, you could be dealing with some serious illness.

The CDC says, as quoted by

Labeling indicating that a product is nontoxic does not imply that the product is safe for consumption,

Luster dusts that are safe for consumption are typically marked ‘edible’ on the label. Some luster dusts used as cake decorations are not edible or food grade; labeled as ‘nontoxic’ or ‘for decorative purposes only,’ these luster dusts are intended to be removed before consumption.

Therefore, you know what they say to not judge a book by its cover. Keep that in mind, ’cause you might need it!

The soft tissue of the body can accumulate toxic levels of heavy metals, leading to poisoning with such substances. The metals that are most associated with heavy metal poisoning are mercury, arsenic, lead, and cadmium. For those exposed to such poisoning, the damage can turn out to be devastating.

However, our bodies still require some heavy metals in order to work at the right levels. Zinc and iron are on the list, but they must also be in the right quantities.

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