Paracetamol Intake Could Lead to This Risky Outcome, New Study Reveals

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Unless you’re an alien from a faraway planet like Superman, you surely have heard about paracetamol. Also known as acetaminophen, this analgesic is extremely useful when you develop a fever, pain, or an ache. But according to a study published last year that speaks about, taking paracetamol can lead to a strong disadvantage.

That disadvantage is that you can become more willing to take risks without thinking too much about a possible negative outcome. The changes in the behavior of people while under the influence of paracetamol were observed during the research, meaning that the conclusion could be pretty reliable.

Caution is critical

Caution is very important in life, generally speaking. It’s actually almost always a good option to be cautious rather than sloppy.

Baldwin Wa, a neuroscientist from the Ohio State University, explained as quoted by

Acetaminophen seems to make people feel less negative emotion when they consider risky activities – they just don’t feel as scared,

With nearly 25 percent of the population in the US taking acetaminophen each week, reduced risk perceptions and increased risk-taking could have important effects on society.

According to, acetaminophen is called “paracetamol” in almost each of the world’s countries. The exceptions are represented by the USA and Canada, where the same drug is known as acetaminophen.

Wikipedia informs us that Harmon Northrop Morse is responsible for synthesizing paracetamol at Johns Hopkins University. He did it in 1877 by reduction of p-nitrophenol with tin in glacial acetic acid. However, only ten years later, clinical pharmacologist Joseph von Mering tried the drug on humans for the first time.

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