Huge, Ultra Hot, and Extremely Close Orbiting Exoplanet Approaches Its Demise

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We must all admit that the Universe is a pretty weird place. But the funny thing is that it wouldn’t be so exciting otherwise! There’s at least one exoplanet out there among trillions of other space objects of such kind that orbit its host star at an incredibly close distance. Therefore, the planet is also incredibly hot. tells us about the exoplanet known as TOI-2109b, and it has some incredible features. It’s even bigger and more massive than Jupiter, the biggest planet in our Solar System. Last but not least, the planet completes a full orbit around its host star in just 16 hours. That’s the closest orbit ever found!

Orbiting towards oblivion

As the planet orbits its host star, it’s also slowly approaching the star’s heat itself. The planet is so hot that it surpasses 3,200 degrees Celsius on its day side. Astronomers would sure like to learn more about such exoplanets and how they became the way they are.

Ian Wong from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center declared as quoted by

In one or two years, if we are lucky, we may be able to detect how the planet moves closer to its star,

In our lifetime, we will not see the planet fall into its star. But give it another 10 million years, and this planet might not be there.

Detecting such ultra-hot exoplanets is amazing, and there are high chances that astronomical observations will be enhanced a lot more in the near future. The upcoming James Webb Space Telescope will grant even more compelling insight to galaxies and stars, and we can’t wait to see it put into action soon enough! The placeholder of the Hubble telescope has been through a lot of delays, and it’s only a matter of time until it will be released!

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