The US is Dealing With Increasing Numbers of Cases of a Disease That Kills 80 Percent of Rabbits

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Even though rabbits are some of the cutest animals in existence, they still aren’t spared by some diseases. Unfortunately, microbes don’t care one bit about who or what we are, and that’s a lesson that we all have to learn thoroughly.

According to, there’s a terrifying disease spreading across the US that kills roughly 80 percent of rabbits. Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is the disease in question, and RHDV2 is the strain that’s currently spreading. Therefore, we should take good care of our furry friends if we don’t want them to suffer and die. The animals can contract the disease after direct contact with infected rabbits, or from contaminated surfaces.

Humans cannot be infected

There’s no need to worry about ourselves and the ones surrounding us when it comes to Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease. The disease is harmless to humans. Thank God for that!

Susan Kelleher from the Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital in Deerfield Beach (Florida) explained how rabbits die, as quoted by

They die suddenly from a high fever and bleeding from the nose and mouth,

We were able to get special permitting for the vaccine. The fact that it has gone all the way across the United States in two years demonstrates how contagious that is.

Animals that get to suffer from the disease will experience symptoms such as weight loss, lethargy, as well as hemorrhages from the nose, eyes, etc.

The NASDA stated, as quoted by the same source mentioned above:

This is the second occurrence of RHDV2 in New York,

The first cluster of cases was in New York City in March 2020. The virus was quickly identified, isolated and eradicated.

Hopefully, the authorities will find new ways to tackle the terrible rabbit-killing disease. Our furry friends need and deserve to be saved!

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