Footage of the Tonga Volcanic Eruption Obtained From Satellites Will Terrify You

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Seeing a volcano erupting with great force is terrifying enough. But seeing it as filmed from space is even scarier. That’s exactly what we are proposing today for you to see: a volcanic eruption as it’s filmed from beyond the Earth’s atmosphere by the satellites GOES-West and Himawari-8.

The volcano from Tonga erupted with such great force that it sent ripples into space. And now we have footage to prove it, as published via Twitter:

Although it’s scary as hell, this shouldn’t surprise us. This is what happens when nature goes berserk.

The YouTube channel writes:

A closed airport and lack of communication have continued to hinder international relief measures on the Pacific island nation of Tonga after Saturday’s massive volcanic eruption and tsunami, even as significant damage was reported along the western coast of the country’s main island on Tuesday. The New Zealand High Commission reported damage on the island of Tongatapu, which is home to many holiday resorts, and the waterfront of capital Nuku’alofa. The United Nations also said that satellite visuals showed extensive damage on the western coast of Tongatapu, with several resorts and houses destroyed or severely damaged.

The eruption started last year in December, but as for now, it reached what seems to be its peak. A massive outburst of the volcano led to the images that you’ve already seen. Huge amounts of ash and smoke were ejected. Tonga, the volcano’s location, means a Polynesian kingdom of more than 170 South Pacific islands.

There’s no wonder why the volcanic eruption’s aftermath is considered an unprecedented disaster. There had been earthquakes and a tsunami. Three people have died so far as a result of the events.

Back in 2020, Tonga had a population of just about 105,000 people.

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