Best Ways To Boost Your Immunity And Stay Healthy

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Boosting your immunity can be a matter of making small changes to your diet and exercise routine. By eating more healthy foods and staying active, you can increase your body’s resistance to sickness and disease.

  • Start boosting your immunity by getting more sleep. Researchers recommend that adults get at least seven hours of sleep each night. That way you’ll be less likely to catch a cold, the flu or another virus when someone nearby has one.

If you’re not sleeping well, take steps to improve it. Research shows that about one-third of people with insomnia can be helped by practicing relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and listening to music. If that doesn’t work, ask your doctor if medication is right for you.

  • Vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin has been shown to help strengthen immunity against infection, decrease inflammation and enhance moods. Vitamin D is found naturally in only a few foods (like fatty fish), but is added to others, such as milk and cereal. If you don’t eat enough of these foods or spend time outside, talk to your doctor about taking a daily vitamin D supplement.
  • Don’t skip breakfast — it’s the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast helps your body release energy after a long night’s rest and gives you energy and focus to start the day. In addition, a healthy breakfast fills you up so you don’t overeat later in the day.
  • Wash your hands often — especially after touching animals or someone who is sick — to help prevent illness. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available or if they’re not effective enough.
  • Keep stress in check; stress may lower your immune system’s ability to fight off disease, according to Harvard Medical School research . Exercise has been proven to help reduce stress. Other proven ways to reduce stress include meditation, yoga , spending time in nature

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