Hospital Denying Heart Transplant for Guy who won’t Get Vaccinated

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According to CBS Boston, a Boston hospital has said that it would not consider conducting a heart transplant on a patient who refuses to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

DJ Ferguson, 31, is struggling for his life at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and needs a heart transplant desperately.

His father, David Ferguson, is coming out strongly on his son’s behalf, telling CBS Boston that he has gone to the verge of death to stick to his guns, and he’s been pushed to the limit.

DJ’s family claims he was at the head of the transplant queue, but hospital protocol states that he is no longer eligible since he hasn’t had the vaccine

DJ Ferguson

Father Claims that His Son Simply Will Not

David Ferguson adds that vaccination goes against his fundamental convictions — he doesn’t believe in it.

“It’s a policy they are enforcing and so, because he won’t get the shot, they took him off the list (for) a heart transplant.”

Brigham and Women’s stated that like many other transplant programs in the United States, immunization is one of the lifestyle behaviors required for transplant candidates in the Mass General Brigham system to create both the highest opportunity for a successful operation and also the patient’s survival after transplantation.

Dr. Arthur Caplan, director of Medical Ethics at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, argues why being immunized is required for this sort of treatment. He states that the immune system is turned off after any transplant, kidney, heart, anything. He added:

“The flu could kill you, a cold could kill you, COVID could kill you. The organs are scarce, we are not going to distribute them to someone who has a poor chance of living when others who are vaccinated have a better chance post-surgery of surviving.”

DJ is the father of two children, with a third on the way. His family said they don’t know what they’re going to do.

DJ Ferguson

Family Thinking of Moving him, but He could be too Weak

David Ferguson stated the family is diligently examining all possibilities, but they are running out of time.

While the family believes DJ has had excellent care from physicians and nurses at Brigham and Women’s, they disagree with the heart transplant COVID vaccine policy.

“I think my boy is fighting pretty damn courageously and he has integrity and principles he really believes in and that makes me respect him all the more,” David Ferguson said.

As a result, his family is rooting for him and hoping for the best. As Ferguson continued, it’s his body, and it’s his choice.


Heart Transplant Denied To Unvaccinated Men at Boston Hospital


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