Implant Helps Paralyzed Man Walk Once Again

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A paralyzed man who had his spinal cord cut has been capable of walking again and success can be attributed to an implant made by Swiss scientists. This was the first time somebody who has had their spinal cord completely cut has become apt to walk.

People who are paralyzed can use the same new tech to enhance their health so much that they can have children. Those who are interested in this research can read it in Nature Medicine.

Roccati was paralyzed five years ago when he was hit by a motorbike while riding it. The spinal cord was entirely cut off, and he doesn’t feel anything in his legs whatsoever.

“I used to box, run and do fitness training in the gym. But after the accident, I could not do the things that I loved to do, but I did not let my mood go down. I never stopped my rehabilitation. I wanted to solve this problem,” declared Roccati.

But he can now walk thanks to an electrical implant that has been surgically implanted in his back. They haven’t seen anyone walk this way before.

The researchers say that it isn’t a remedy for spinal injuries and that the innovation is still too complex to be utilized in daily life, but they say that it is still a big step toward making people’s lives better. There were other things that helped Michel get better, not just technology. The young Italian has a strong will. His accident made him want to make as much advancement as possible.

So far, nine people have had the implant and have been able to walk again. As it’s too complex at this point, none of the people use it to assist them to walk in their daily lives. As an alternative, they use it to practice walking. This moves their muscles and helps improve their health. Often, it helps them move again a little.

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