New Artificial Intelligence System Capable Of Creating “Flirtly” Speech

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A new artificial intelligence software has been created that can simulate amorous speech patterns by using new ‘non-word sounds,’ such as sighs and breathes, to create a more realistic simulation.

An English company called Sonantic, located in London, generates expressive a.i. voices for a variety of applications, notably Hollywood films and computer games. In order to illustrate that it is feasible to produce ‘hyper-realistic love interactions,’ they created a video with the appearance of a woman but the voice of artificial intelligence.

As part of the research and development of the flirting AI, the team uncovered certain techniques that people may employ to seem more romantic and flirtatious, such as slowing down to generate tension, softly smiling while speaking, and maintaining a smooth, steady tempo when speaking. Happiness and sorrow can already be expressed by the speech models created by Sonantic, but flirting requires a more delicate approach that was not feasible with straightforward words. In addition to being flirting, the team has developed styles of speech that are sly and teasing in order to offer non-playable characters in film a far more lifelike appearance.

While the new video shows a genuine actress, the audio is entirely artificially created – with the AI voice reciting a speech about love – as is the case with the previous film. In the beginning, it gives the impression that the actress who appears in the video is also delivering the voiceover, but later admits that what we hear her say was never uttered by a person, it was produced by a machine.

It was released on Valentine’s Day to demonstrate how lifelike artificial intelligence may get in simulating the human way of speaking, which Sonantic refers to as the ‘CGI of Audio.’ Through the use of non-verbal noises such as laughing and breathing, as well as sobbing and scoffing, they were able to create genuine “flirty audio.”

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