Solar Storms Render 40 SpaceX Satellites Inoperable

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SpaceX recently stated that a solar storm has rendered at least 40 of its 49 newly introduced communication satellites inoperable.

The satellites were deployed on February 3 from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, according to the corporation. The US Space Weather Prediction Center issued a “geomagnetic storm watch during the same period of time. According to the center, a huge explosion of solar plasma gas plus electromagnetic waves from the solar surface will most probably hit Earth’s atmosphere.

According to SpaceX, the storm significantly boosted the air density surrounding the satellites’ low orbit. This caused friction, rendering at least 40 of them immobile.

According to Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell, the occurrence is thought to be the greatest cumulative loss of satellites caused by a single geomagnetic storm.
The sun’s bursts might initially affect radio transmissions and the ionosphere, which is where the Earth’s atmosphere touches space. They also cause extra friction on certain satellites, as was the case with SpaceX satellites. The storm’s extremely charged particles were potentially radioactive, posing a risk to people in space.

The eruptions of gas and magnetic fields on the sun’s surface termed as “coronal mass ejection,” might overwhelm Earth’s electrical energy networks and hasten pipe corrosion.

Solar storms pose a serious concern

Experts are predicting that these devastating solar storms might have an immediate impact on Earth’s existence. These solar outbursts, which release the power in the shape of electromagnetic fields and plasma gas, are unexpected and difficult to anticipate.

According to research, Earth gets attacked by a very damaging solar storm every 1-2 centuries. Previously, they were mostly colorful light spectacles in the sky with little impact on mankind. These solar storms, though, may have a significant impact on modern technologies.

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