Scientists Develop Computer That Can Determine The Quality Of Water

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Synthetic biologists from Northwestern University have invented a low-cost, simple-to-use, hand-held gadget that can tell people whether or not their water is clean in minutes, rather than hours or even days. Logic operations are performed by the new gadget by utilizing sophisticated and programmable genetic pathways, which are designed to look and behave like electrical circuits.

For instance, in one of the DNA-based circuits, the scientists designed cell-free molecules through an analog-to-digital converter, a circuit form that can be seen in practically all electronic equipment. A digitized output is generated by the ADC circuit in the water-quality gadget after an analog input has been processed.

The findings of the study were released in the journal Nature Chemical Biology.

How does it work?

When a pollutant is detected by the gadget, which is equipped with a set of eight miniature test tubes, the device flashes green. The amount of pollution present determines the number of glowing tubes that are produced. It is possible that just one tube may flash, indicating that the water sample contains a tiny amount of pollution. If, on the other hand, all eight tubes are illuminated, the water has been significantly polluted. That is to say, a larger concentration of pollution results in a stronger signal.

The scientists freeze-dried the modified “molecular brains” so that they would be shelf-stable and then placed them in test tubes for further study. Each tube is activated by the addition of a drop of water, which starts off a chain reaction of reactions and interactions that eventually causes the freeze-dried pellet to light in the presence of a pollutant.
Varying pollutants at different concentrations need the use of different techniques. Because lead levels in drinking water are so low, it is possible to tolerate them if you rinse out your water lines before utilizing them, for example. Alternatively, if the levels are excessive, you should quit drinking the water promptly and change your water supply.

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