Scientists Find Two Black Holes That Will Merge In 10,000 Years

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Two colossal black holes are spinning one another 9 billion light-years distant, and they’re doing it in a fairly threatening manner. This dance will not endure indefinitely. The two bodies will crash approximately 10,000 years in the future. When they come together, they’ll form one thunderous void with a power great enough to bend the structure of space and time, causing an explosion of waves in the process.

Every enormous vacuum is so vast and incomprehensibly vast that our thoughts can scarcely understand the magnitude and scope of its weight and reach. While they have a mass hundreds of millions or billions of times that of our sun, they are very close to one another on an universal level — divided by around 50 times the space separating Earth and Pluto, to be precise. To put this in perspective, a black hole that is just half the diameter of a golfing ball will have a mass that is equal to the whole mass of our globe.

Scientists released a report on the prancing gulfs on Wednesday in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, describing this combination as the second known possibility for approaching supermassive black hole collisions to be discovered in the history of the universe.
Black holes, which are very dense objects that are millions and millions and millions of times more enormous than the sun, are found in the centers of almost all galaxies in the universe. They are incredibly dark and dense objects, that outmatch any other space entities. Although astronomers do not understand how these objects get so massive, one idea is that the universe’s greatest black holes are the product of at least one collision involving two smaller black holes, per NASA. The new research may be able to contribute to the confirmation of that notion.

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