Rocket Set To Crash On The Moon Today

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An unexpected collision with the moon on Friday will be the first time that a piece of space debris has driven into the lunar surface without the goal of doing so. The collision will occur when a rocket component has been cruising about space for years.

It is projected to strike the moon at a speed of around 5,500 miles per hour at 7:26 a.m. ET, but the event will not be seen from Earth since the collision is likely to occur on the furthest side of the moon, not the near side. There is a chance of biocontamination at the scene of the crash because rocket components are not sterile when they are launched. If it were visible, we would witness a huge flash, followed by a cloud of dust and dissolved rocket fragments, as well as stones and boulders, some of which would be propelled long distances away.

Pictures are the only method to determine precisely where the rocket will land on the ground. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is not in a location to see the collision as it occurs, according to the space agency’s announcement. The orbiter’s mission crew, on the other hand, is evaluating if investigations of any alterations to the lunar surface linked with the collision can be performed and if the crater caused by the impact can be identified later on.

A mission’s cameras may be used to determine the impact location after it has occurred, and older photographs can be compared to newer images collected shortly after the impact. The quest for the collision crater will be difficult and might take many weeks to several months.
It will not be the first crater on the moon that is exposed to the elements since it lacks a shielding atmosphere. This implies that impact craters form naturally when the Earth is struck by things such as asteroids, which happens on a regular basis. Craters have been formed on the moon as a consequence of spacecraft purposefully crashing into the surface of the planet.

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