Ever Dreamed Of Traveling To The Moon? Now You Can Do It

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Everyone’s attention will be focused on the legendary Launch Complex 39B as Orion as well as the Space Launch System (SLS) during their debut takeoff from NASA’s newly renovated Kennedy Space Center in Florida this year. The project will show our dedication and capacity to expand human life further than the Moon and beyond, as well as our willingness to do so.

Artemis I would be the first of a succession of progressively complicated missions aimed at establishing a lengthy human presence on the Moon that will last for many years down the road.

Send your name to the moon

When NASA launches its Orion spacecraft into orbit sometime this year as a phase of its Artemis I expedition, a memory stick holding the identities of anybody who has registered via the agency’s webpage will also be sent into orbit.

Signups will be rewarded with their own digital boarding ticket, which will include their names and other facts about the trip, which will see Orion fly round the moon and return afterward. As an added bonus, registrants will receive a QR code which will allow them to see NASA missions as a digital visitors.

Despite the fact that the identities will only be saved on a microchip aboard an empty spaceship, it will probably be the nearest many people will ever get to the moon. Anybody willing to participate will need to go to NASA’s site and provide their name, as well as a PIN. It is entirely free to sign up for this service.

The journey to the moon will take many days, and after Orion arrives at its destination, the spacecraft will remain in orbit for around six days in order to gather data and enable mission control to evaluate the rocket’s functionality. It will then create a passage back to the surface of the planet.

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