Latest Pixel Update Allows You To Convert Text To Audio During Phone Calls

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Google’s newest feature update for Pixel phones boosts the Live Caption function for phone conversations, enabling you to forgo speaking totally. In addition, there are new unique sticker choices, YouTube watch party compatibility in Duo, and a Snapchat night shooting feature. Google said the capabilities will be available beginning today on the Pixel 3A through 5A and will be available later this month on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

Previously, Google’s Live Caption function could convert incoming phone call audio to text, but it’s now being modified to work the other way around, so you’ll be able to input text and have Google’s software read it out loud during the conversation. A brief GIF produced by the firm demonstrates how the functionality can be accessed through the volume button submenu and used to either write out messages in full or choose from pre-written answers. Direct My Call and Wait Times, which were formerly limited to the Pixel 6, are now available on all Pixel phones dating back to the Pixel 3A.

The Pixel’s At a Glance widget, which displays vital information right on the main and lock screens, has also been updated to provide extra information regarding the battery capacity of linked Bluetooth devices. It now provides earthquake notifications and reminders to switch off an alert a day before a vacation. With Google’s Snapshot function reportedly being phased off, At a Glance looks to be a natural heir.

Google Duo’s co-watching and livestream sharing capabilities, which debuted on the Galaxy S22 previously this year, are now coming to Pixel. They let others view YouTube videos with them through Google Duo, and also share other applications. Snapchat is being upgraded on Pixel smartphones to include Night Sight compatibility, which could result in better low-light images, and Gboard will also give stickers with unique wording if your language is configured to US English. On Pixel 6 smartphones, Interpreter Mode, which is meant to interpret face-to-face talks, now includes Spanish, Italian, as well as French.

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