NASA Is Considering Studying Space Sex

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In order to prepare for prospective lengthy missions to the Moon and Mars, which could involve astronauts being away from Earth for years at a time, NASA is contemplating studying sex in space. This is because it is ‘critical’ for prospective lengthy expeditions, which could involve astronauts being away from our planet for years at a time.

According to the statement, the idea was made in response to an appeal made by a group of five Canadian researchers who urged space agencies to accept the emerging field of space sex research.

Studying sex, and how it will function in a low-gravity setting, is critical to the feasibility of long space missions and the establishment of off-world communities on other worlds.
While most individuals who go to space for extended periods of time are now trained astronauts, it is anticipated that an increasing number of people, even couples, will travel to space in the future.

Space sex involving astronauts has long been a source of controversy for NASA, which has previously said definitely that no people ever had sex in space. Because experienced astronauts have made up the great majority of space travelers, at least those who have gone further than the edge of space, it seems probable that this will be the scenario for Russia as well.

NASA, on the other hand, has lately acknowledged that this might be time to contemplate finding a different means to investigate the issue, other than via animal experiments.

Procreating in space

There were no immediate plans to establish a research or project office to further investigate the matter, but that might change as we move closer to Mars exploration. Travel to Mars is estimated to take around seven to nine months one way, with astronauts spending over a year on Mars’ surface, where they would live in domes. While traveling between Terra and the Red Planet, it is plausible that astronauts may procreate and give birth in space during the time between the two destinations.

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