NASA Will Send Your Name To Space: Here’s How

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Although you have a low possibility of flying to outer space, at the very least your name will be on the list.

In order to be placed on a flash drive and taken into space on the Orion spacecraft, which is slated to launch later this year, NASA is now collecting names. As part of the agency’s unmanned craft Artemis I mission, which is the debut mission in the Artemis project to someday return people to the moon, the endeavor is being supported by the National Science Foundation.

According to NASA spokeswoman Kathryn Hambleton, adding your name on the flash drive is completely free. She said that, for this specific mission, the flash drive must be loaded into the spacecraft roughly a month before the scheduled launch date, which will influence how much NASA will accept applications for consideration.

Although no specific date has been set for the launch, Hambleton said that the space agency is aiming for a date in May or June. NASA intends to provide further information regarding the official launch in the following weeks, according to her statement. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has received more than one million names since the submissions were opened earlier this month, according to Hambleton.

Artemis program

During this first voyage of the Artemis program, which will not have any people on board, NASA’s most recent deep space exploration technologies will be put through their paces. The Orion spaceship will be launched in Cape Canaveral, Florida, atop the globe’s most efficient rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS).

As part of a four- to six-week journey from Earth to the moon, it will fly thousands of miles beyond the moon, marking the farthest a spacecraft made for people has ever traveled. As per NASA, this will be the farthest a spacecraft constructed for people has ever traveled. The Orion spacecraft will try to land securely off the shore of Baja California, Mexico, after it has completed its orbit of the moon.

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