Allergy Season Survival Guide: Tips For Spring

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The arrival of spring means many things to many people: flowers blooming, birds chirping and sunshine warming the world. For those with allergies, however, it can mean the onset of itchy eyes, runny noses and general malaise.

Allergy season is upon us. It can be a rough time for some people, but there are ways to ease your suffering. We’ve compiled a list of tips that will hopefully get you through the worst of it.

  • Know your triggers. Is it the dandelions? Is it the pollen? Is it something else? There are a lot of potential triggers out there, and they can vary depending on where you live. Knowing what sets off your allergies is the first step toward minimizing or avoiding them.
  • Pollen counts are usually highest in the morning, so try to stay inside between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., when pollen levels tend to be higher.
  • When you come inside from being outside, take a shower and change your clothes. That way you’re not bringing pollen into your bed with you. Use saline nasal spray to clean out your nose and sinuses of pollen at night before bedtime.
  • Use a dehumidifier or air filter, especially if you can’t keep your doors or windows open during the day since they can trap allergens like pollen that get into your home through open doors or windows.
  • Keep the windows closed. This one is tough for many people because fresh air just feels good. But pollen tends to collect on cars and windowsills, so keeping your car and home windows shut will help keep allergens at bay.
  • If you need relief, talk to your doctor about medications that can help alleviate symptoms. These include antihistamines and decongestants available over the counter, as well as prescription medications that are stronger. Some people find relief with nasal sprays or eye drops. If your nose is congested, using a neti pot can help ease symptoms.

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