Is There A Mirroring Anti-Universe For Our Universe?

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According to a bizarre new notion, there may be an alternative “anti-universe” that exists before the Big Bang, flowing backward through time.

The theory implies that the early cosmos was tiny, hot, and dense – and that time was symmetric in both directions.

If the new hypothesis is correct, dark matter is just a new variety of a phantom particle known as a neutrino which can only occur in this type of world. And, according to the hypothesis, there would be no requirement for a phase of “inflation” following the Big Bang that quickly enlarged the scale of the newborn universe.

If this is the case, subsequent tests looking for gravitational waves or determining the mass of neutrinos might finally determine whether or not this mirror anti-universe exists.

Symmetries at the fundamental level

A collection of basic symmetries in nature has been established by scientists. Charge (if you reverse the charge of all the particles participating in an action to their opposing charge, you obtain an identical interaction); parity and time are the three most essential symmetries.

Many of these symmetries are obeyed by physical processes much of the time, but there are exceptions. Physicists, on the other hand, have never seen a violation of all three symmetries simultaneously. Every observable interaction in nature behaves precisely the same if the charges are flipped, the mirror image is taken, and the process is reversed in time.

Scientists suggest expanding this combined symmetry in a new work just approved in Annals of Physics. This symmetry typically only pertains to interactions, such as the forces and fields that constitute the physics of the universe. But, if this really is a significant symmetry, it may apply to the entire universe. In other terms, this concept expands the symmetry of the universe’s forces and fields to the universe’s whole physical entity.

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