Steam Cloud: How To Use It And Download A Game’s Save Files

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Files may be saved to Steam’s servers and synchronized with other users. Steam automatically downloads them whenever you install a title, but it’s not the only method to receive them.

Alternatively, you may get them via the Valve website on your web browser.

Set up a cloud sync with Steam

  • First, make absolutely certain that Steam Cloud is allowed for the game you’re trying to download if it doesn’t instantly download it after you’ve loaded it. Find the game in your Steam library before you can do this. “Properties” may be accessed by right-clicking on it. Next, go to the “General” page and ensure that the “Keep Games Saves in the Steam Cloud of Game” option is checked.
  • Your cloud saves will not be automatically downloaded or uploaded by Steam if this option is unchecked.
  • An absence of a Steam Cloud option indicates that the game does not support Steam Cloud. But keep in mind that not every Steam game utilizes Steam Cloud, since this is up to the individual game developers.

Use a Web Browser to Save the Files

  • Using a web browser, you may now access and retrieve your Steam Cloud stored files from Valve. You don’t have to re-download the entire game if you want to save your progress.
  • By logging into your Steam account, you may access the View Steam Cloud website provided by Valve. The Steam Cloud storage will display a list of titles.
  • Find the game and choose “Show Files” to view all the game’s files. All of the files and data associated with a game are shown on a page for each game in the Steam Cloud.
  • Clicking “Download” will allow you to save a file. You may save your progress in the game by downloading all of the game’s save files. For multi-platform titles that don’t instantly sync save files across platforms, this is a valuable tool.

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