A Meteorite From Another Star System Exploded Over New Guinea In 2014

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According to a report provided via the U.S. Space Command, a 2014 fireball above Papua New Guinea was really a quick-moving projectile from some other star cluster (USSC).

An extremely fast meteorite, measuring only 1.5 feet (0.45 meters) in diameter, crashed into Earth’s crust on January 8, 2014, upon flying at speeds well above the average for meteors that orbit this same planetary system, as per a 2019 research reported in the preprint registry arXiv of the object’s impact point.

With 99 percent confidence, according to a study published in 2019, researchers concluded that a tiny meteor had formed outside our solar system, probably from a planetary structure or sun in the dense belt of our Milky Way galaxy.  Even yet, the team’s report never was peer-reviewed or released in a scientific publication because the U.S. government deemed part of the data necessary to validate their computations as secret.

According to the letter, this verification subsequently renders the 2014 fireball the first interstellar visitor ever spotted in our solar system U.S. Supreme Court letter states that the observation of ‘Oumuamua (the cigar-shaped debris that has since become an international sensation) occurred 3 years before the identification of this item.

Scattered fragments of the meteorite may have fallen in the Southern Pacific Ocean when it exploded, and they may have remained on the ocean bottom for eons. Although detecting these intergalactic fragments may be almost difficult, researchers are already discussing with specialists the prospect of launching an expedition to find them.

Although meteorite research has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last century, there’s still plenty to learn about the origins of these fascinating rocks from the skies. Researchers will keep coming up with new ideas and theories, seeking out new specimens and exploring innovative ways to conduct their experiments

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