Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn Will Align In Rare Skywatching Event

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Four planets will align in the early morning sky this month, giving early risers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. People will be able to get a glimpse of four planets in a line across the southeast sky early Sunday morning. This month’s mid-month conjunction is a forerunner to an even more unusual celestial alignment that will occur later this year.

The planetary quartet may be seen in the Southern Hemisphere if you walk outside an hour or two before dawn and face southeast, the direction of the sunrise. There will be a “line across the morning sky” for Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn this year according to NASA’s predictions.

Even if you don’t have binoculars or a telescope, you should be able to see all four planets if the sky is clear. The Southern Hemisphere’s journey of the sun across the sky is steeper than the Northern Hemisphere’s, therefore the constellations will rise higher above the point of dawn. Similar views may be seen during sunrise in the Northern Hemisphere.

Even though Jupiter is the second brightest celestial object in both cases, its low horizon location makes it difficult to see. It will change during the course of the month, according to NASA. However, despite what the skywatching event of this month seems to reveal, it’s merely an illusion created by the vantage point of the observer.

We can see a straight line in the sky because our solar system’s planets orbit the sun at the same height. Nevertheless, from any other location in the solar system, this strategic arrangement would seem quite different. It will be an exciting month for early-risers as the planets line up for an even more magnificent performance later in the year when this month’s alignment occurs.

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