Scientists Used Algae To Power A Microprocessor For A Year

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Using only atmospheric light and water, scientists harnessed the power of a common type of blue-green algae to run a microprocessor for a whole year. Small electrical gadgets might be powered by their technology, which is both dependable and renewable.

Synechocystis, a species of non-toxic algae, is used in the system, which is about the size of an AA battery and uses photosynthesis to capture energy from the sun. A microprocessor is powered by the modest electrical current that this creates when it contacts with an aluminum electrode.

Most of the components in the system are manufactured from common, low-cost, and recyclables. To power a vast number of tiny devices as a component of the Internet of Things, it may be readily duplicated hundreds of thousands or more times. Small quantities of electrical power may be quite valuable in distant or off-grid settings, according to experts.

Arm Cortex M0+, a microprocessor frequently used in Internet of Things devices, was powered by the device in the experiment. After 6 months of constant power generation in a semi-outdoor situation under natural light and temperature changes, the findings were presented for publication.

How does it work?

Since photosynthesizing generates food for the algae, it does not need feeding. Even though photosynthesis is dependent on light, the gadget can still generate electricity in the dark. During the night, when there is no light, the algae consumes part of its food, which generates a little electrical current.

An ever-expanding network of electronic devices, each consuming just a little amount of power, that gather and distribute real-time data through the internet is known as the “Internet of Things.” Many billions of items are connected to this network thanks to low-cost computer processors and wireless networks. Approximately one trillion gadgets are anticipated by 2035, necessitating the development of a massive array of battery-powered devices.

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