Videogames Could Make Children Smarter As Per New Study

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Children who play video games for long periods of time have a tendency to become more aggressive or less engaged in school, according to many worried parents. The findings of recent research, however, may leave you speechless and suggest that these are isolated incidents.

Children should be allowed to play video games, according to a recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports. The fact that playing these virtual worlds on a console, laptop, or smartphone may have an impact is not proof of a connection; more research is required to determine this. Children who play video games may get a bit smarter as a result. According to the findings of recent research, children who regularly engage in video game play may really improve their cognitive ability, even if the gains are modest.

Research results

Research by Karolinska Institute neurologist Torkel Klingberg supports claims that children’s cognitive capacities are not harmed by excessive screen time, and also that playing video games may even aid raise intellect. Screen time has no influence on physical exercise, sleep, well-being or academic achievement, according to researchers. Surfing social media or watching Television had no influence on IQ, according to the same research, which may go against what many of us believe.

Nearly 10,000 kids from the ABCS research had their screen time records examined, and they were all between the ages of nine and ten. A typical day for a kid includes an hour of playing video games, two and a half hours of watching TV or videos, and around a quarter of an hour of chatting with friends online. After two years of study, researchers revealed that youngsters who spent more time enjoying video games than the usual amount of time were found to have a 2.5-point higher IQ than their peers.


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