Could Aliens Invade Earth? The Milky Way Could Be Home To Millions Of Hostile Civilizations

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Astronomers believe there are at least four wicked extraterrestrial civilizations lurking in the Milky Way, according to new study published in the preprint website arXiv.
An estimate of the chance that human society would assault or conquer a populated exoplanet is used in this research to try to estimate the frequency of hostile alien civilizations.

Per this estimate, there is a 0.028 percent chance that mankind will colonize another planet already populated. While this likelihood is based on present human culture, humans remain currently unable to travel to other planets. This means interplanetary travel will not be conceivable for yet some 259 years, according to academics who used the Kardashev scale, which measures how evolved civilizations are based on the amount of energy they use.

In 259 years, if human conquests continue to plummet at the very same rate as they have over the past 50 years (averaging minus 1.15 percent each year, according to the same paper, the human species will have a 0.0014 percent chance of intruding some other world as we get to be an interstellar, or Type 1, society.

That might seem like a small chance, and it really is, unless you consider the fact that there are millions of locations in our galaxy that may be livable. Scientists used a 2012 report issued in the journal Mathematical SETI, which estimated that as numerous as 15,785 extraterrestrial civilizations might possibly coexist with humanity in the universe.

Experts have determined that just 0.22 of the Type 1 species will be unfriendly to humanity if they establish contact with them. If we include civilizations like our own, which are not yet adept of interplanetary travel, the quantity of evil neighbors rises to 4.42.

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