Asteroid Ryugu Returns To Earth The Most Primitive Samples Ever Collected

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The Hayabusa2 spacecraft arrived to Earth near the end of 2020 and landed in the Australian outback after a six-year mission. As soon as JAXA opened it, they found a precious treasure: the dust that Hayabusa2 had picked up as it flew across our solar system.

Experts have already shared their early findings from their investigation of this unusual sample. It’s possible that the material that produced our star four and a half billion years ago is present in this asteroid. Astonomic resources of this quality are rare. There have been eyewitnesses who have come forward to describe events that took place in a previously unknown region of our solar system. If it weren’t for a spacecraft’s shielding screen, the particles would have never made it to Earth.

Hayabusa2 collected dust from both the surface and the atmosphere while on Ryugu. Five grams of dust and rock were collected by the spacecraft after it circled an asteroid for more than 18 months. Scientists around the world have been waiting impatiently for an important discovery that could alter our understanding of planet formation and the evolution of our solar system.

In light of their similarity to the sun’s chemical composition, experts estimate that these rocks can be traced back approximately 4 and a half billion years to when the solar system was just beginning to form.

Researchers say that the fragments show signs of having been moist at some point. Some people may not be aware that to understand what happened to the frozen and dusty remains of an asteroid when its radioactive components decayed, an image of an asteroids traveling through space is required. About 5 million years after the solar system was formed, water flow had an impact on Ryugu.

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