If You’re Out Tonight Look Up – There’s A Strawberry Moon

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When tonight’s cherry full moon illuminates the night sky, skywatchers will have the opportunity to see the second of four consecutive supermoons that will occur over the next several months. As a result of the extraordinary lunar occurrence, the moon will seem up to 17 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than it normally does.

The astronomical event will not be visible to people in the United Kingdom and North America until later this evening, despite the fact that it will officially reach its peak at 12:51 British Summer Time (07:51 Eastern Daylight Time) today.

The super moon

The phrase “supermoon” does not have a universally accepted meaning; nonetheless, it is often used to refer to a full moon that, due to its proximity to Earth in its orbit, looks both brighter and bigger than ordinary full moons.

Some members of the scientific community, such as NASA, adhere to the definition of a supermoon that was established by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979. According to this description, a supermoon is a full moon that occurs within 90 percent of its perigee, which is the point in its orbit that is the nearest to Earth.

The best part is that the Super Strawberry Moon will continue to seem full for a few more days in and around the 14th of June, so there will be lots of opportunities to snap the perfect photo. As a result of an optical illusion, the moon often seems to be considerably bigger when it is near the horizon. Because of this, if you want to take an image that has a lot of impact, seek for the moon either immediately after moonrise or just before moonset.

Strawberry season coincides with the full moon in June, hence the name of this moon comes from the time of year when strawberries are ready to be picked. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this particular full moon has been known by a variety of names in the past, many of which are associated with the natural world. One of these names is the flowering moon.

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