Being Attracted To Men Is Linked To An Increased Risk Of Eating Disorders As Per New Study

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Being attracted to men is linked to an increased risk for getting an eating disorder for men as per recent research in the Journal of Eating Disorders. People who are attracted to males have a higher rate of eating problems than those who are drawn to women, according to this study.

Men are more concerned about their partners’ physical beauty than women, which may lead to an increased risk of eating disorders for individuals who have male relationships.

As part of a team of researchers, Pedro Maria Ruiz de Assin Varela investigated 398 people. There were both heterosexual and gay members. Every single one of them was required to fill out an online survey that inquired about such things as their current and past relationships as well as their ages and sexes.


As predicted, individuals who were attracted to males had greater levels of eating disorder symptoms than those who were attracted to women, independent of their gender identity or sexual orientation. In other words, ED was more common in women and men who were attracted to males.

In addition, those who were more attracted to males had higher levels of body dissatisfaction, as did all women, regardless of sexual orientation.

In both heterosexual men and women, the urge to slim down was more pronounced. Bulimia was more prevalent among heterosexual women than gay women, but it was also more prevalent among males regardless of their sexual preference. An earlier idea that ED risk is connected to mating behavior seems to have been strengthened by this study.

Study limitations

It’s crucial to point out that this research has a number of limitations, despite the fact that it offers a lot of useful data. Firstly, the sample groups were modest because of the requirement to include a wide range of sexualities and sexes in the study. Last but not least, since it was a cross-sectional study, the researchers were unable to track how the patients’ ED symptoms evolved.

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