Acupuncture Is A Viable Treatment For Chronic Headaches According To A New Study

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Acupuncture could be able to alleviate some of the symptoms of a headache, according to a recent study. Over 45 million Americans get headaches each year, making it one of the most frequent health problems.

Treatments for headaches are widely accessible, but they typically come with side effects that aren’t desirable. Those with persistent tension-type headaches may find acupuncture to be a feasible alternative or supplemental therapy option in certain instances.

Tightness or pressure on both sides of the head is common in tension-type headaches. Neither the pain nor the nausea is exacerbated by strenuous physical activity when one suffers from this kind of headache. If they appear at least once a month, they are called chronic.

New research

At Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 218 patients with persistent tension-type headaches participated in the research. Every month, on average, they endured terrible headaches for 11 years.

Both superficial and genuine acupuncture were offered to participants in a randomized fashion. True acupuncture entails inserting and manipulating a needle into the body in order to produce a degi sensation for therapeutic purposes. To prevent the degi feeling, the superficial treatments went deeper into the body. For a period of two months, both groups got two or three sessions each week. After that, they were monitored for another six months.
People who got acupuncture that was genuine reported a 50% decrease in monthly headache occurrences, contrasted to just 50% of those who got superficial acupuncture at the conclusion of the trial.

Headache days in both subgroups declined over time following therapy, according to the scientists’ findings overall. At the start of the trial, individuals who got real acupuncture had 20 headache days per month, which fell to seven days per month at the conclusion. The number of days with headaches for individuals who underwent superficial acupuncture dropped from 23 to 12 per month during the course of the trial.

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