Yes, We Can Bring Pigs Back To Life With New Regenerative Medicine Technology

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A possible step forward for organ transplantation, the method was created at Yale and recovers cell and organ function in pigs after they have died.

After a person’s last pulse, a chain reaction of biochemical processes, which are initiated by a lack of blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen, immediately starts to damage the body’s cells and organs. This process may take only a few minutes. On the other hand, a group of investigators working at Yale University came to the conclusion that the process of enormous and irreversible cellular failure need not take place so rapidly.

The study expands upon a previous effort headed by Yale that successfully revived circulation as well as some cellular activities in the brain of a pig after it had been killed using a technique known as BrainEx. All of these studies, both of which were published in 2019, were conducted in the laboratory of Nenad Sestan, who is a professor at Yale.

In the most recent investigation, the researchers used a modified version of BrainEx referred known as OrganEx to test the pig’s organs. The system is composed of a perfusion device that is comparable to heart-lung machines, which are designed to take over the functions of the heart and lungs throughout surgical procedures. Additionally, the system utilizes an experimental fluid that contains substances that may enhance cellular health and inhibit inflammation in the body of the pig. Pigs that had been given anesthesia were given a drug called OrganEx an hour after they had been put to sleep so that they would have cardiac arrest.

The researchers observed that several essential cellular activities were functioning in numerous parts of the pigs’ bodies, including the heart, liver, and kidneys, six hours after the organs were treated with OrganEx. In addition to this, the functionality of other organs had been restored. For example, scientists discovered signs of electrical impulses in the heart, which demonstrated that it had not lost its capacity to contract.
He said that in a normal situation, when the heart stops pumping, the organs begin to expand, which causes blood vessels to collapse and blocks circulation. However, circulation was restored, and it seemed as if the organs of the dead pigs that had been treated with OrganEx were still working at the level of cells and tissue.

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